Uneasy Landscapes

The Uneasy Landscapes series began with the discovery of Alfred Nobel’s Dynamite bunkers camouflaged in the landscape 50km south west of Glasgow. In the landscape the architectural elements are barely visible masked by the picturesque, but on closer inspection they reveal a more sinister, disturbing reality.

“If we characterise the photograph as a physical ‘keeping of memory’(Rolfe Sachsse), the photographic act here makes its invisible subject visible by fusing urban topography (that reveals the structure both of a land - or cityscape and the photographic composition) and historic topography (that loads the image with narrative/content). Crawford/Guéneau’s artistic practice consciously implants the simultaneous presence of history and timeliness - both in the realities they observe and in the images they produce. Hence, their photographs deal with documentation - not in the sense of documenting a historical condition, but rather with finding the adequate ciphers for its effect on today’s life, experience and collective knowledge”.

Ellen Blumenstein in «The Adequate Cipher» Berlin, 2010.